The video factory for performing arts, cinema and communication

Telling your story with images is our trade. With our production company on your side, you will benefit from a unique combination of technical know-how and artistic creativity for creating high impact video products.

Our work is anchored in the universe of cinema and performing arts. Adding up the specific talents of communication experts, cinema technicians and artists is our distinctive feature and our strongest advantage over competitors.

Directors, actors, script writers, cinema technicians and communication experts team up in every project developed by La Belle Équipe to tell your story as you imagine it!

Video Production Services


Our company is much more than a video agency or an ordinary team of audio-visual technicians. La Belle Équipe is a versatile production company offering a very large range of services, covering the different requirements of video project development, in its different stages.

We can help from elaborating seed ideas up to delivering the final version of a video film. We know how to mobilize all of the means and resources required to bring your project to completion and ensure that you achieve your objectives, be it for entertainment, communication or marketing.

Teasers and spots TV

We produce trailers, teasers spots and advertising spots, with the constant ambition to ensure the best impact on final audiences...

Corporate and institutional communication films

We also provide more elaborate communication films, for internal or external communication purposes, for business, public institutions, NGOs...

Musical video clips

There is a world of images in most songs, and we will give shape to such images to produce a video clip in which music, words and colors are in harmony...

Live streaming and live shows recording

We produce mutli-camera recording of live shows for TV broadcasting, Internet broadcast or social networks.

News video reporting and documentary films

We work with news agencies and with international TV companies, and regularly supply news video reports.

Aerial shots by drone

Our aerial shots made by drone offer spectacular images and new perspectives otherwise unattainable...

Selected video films directed by Toussaint Colombani, in charge of video production for la Belle Equipe Productions

Our Production Company


La Belle Équipe

Our core team : two brothers, Toussaint and Félix, sharing a passion for video creation. Asking us to develop a project means relying on a really big (and nice) team, mobilizing all of the skills and competences to achieve your objectives.

We have inserted our company into a very robust network of artists, entrepreneurs and experienced independent experts, which allows us to provide services ensuring the highest level of technical and artistic quality while strictly complying with terms of reference, deadlines and budgets.

For the beauty of it…

Whatever your project's ambition, whatever your budget, whatever the end use of your video, you can be assured that our company will spare no effort to meet the highest aesthetic ambition and the highest standards of technical quality.

Striving relentless for excellence is our company’s key inspiration. In this spirit we want to make the best of our know-how and of our experience to tell your story, and make it as beautiful, convincing, surprising or moving as you could imagine it.


As you imagine it

Our offers are always tailor made. We can contribute to elaborate seed ideas and help with the initial design of projects.

Our close association with the world of performing arts and cinema allows us to mobilize, among the best professionals, the comedians, script writers or scenographers best suited for your project. We will ensure the most efficient use of the resources available for your project, thanks to our excellent command of communication techniques and our demonstrated budget management capacity.

Our geographical outreach

Our company is based in Brussels and works mostly in Belgium, Northern France and Paris.

We have built partnerships with several other production companies sharing our values and operating in other regions of France, which allows us to run projects beyond our own usual area of operation.


Fiction Films

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